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Interesting things from my practice.

Is constantly being refilled.

Treating shoulder pain without directly treating the shoulder


A 55-year-old patient comes because of pain in the left shoulder........ Read more

Compensate for different leg lengths through treatment

Patients with different leg lengths come to the practice every day. They are often provided with shoe insoles: Read more

"Everyone has a little neck pain"

After a patient has described the pain he wants me to treat, I always ask what other symptoms he may have... Read more

Treating migraines with osteopathy

A typical case from practice: A 36-year-old patient comes to the practice and tells us that she has been suffering from... since she was 14 years old... Read more

Leg pain does not necessarily have to be caused by the lumbar spine

A mental reflex of many doctors is that pain in the leg is due to wear and tear of the lumbar spine...... Read more:

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