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Common reasons for a

Pain treatment with us:

  • Pain and dysfunction of joints and spine

  • Disc-related pain

  • Pain suspected to be caused by a disc (common!)

  • Muscle and tendon pain

  • Painful feet and hands

  • Pain and other disorders after operations (including after abdominal and pelvic operations), scar pain

  • Headaches of all kinds

  • Pelvic twisting, unequal leg lengths

  • Neuralgia (eg trigeminal neuralgia) and other nerve symptoms

  • Teeth grinding and temporomandibular joint disorders (CMD)

Aside from that:

  • Irritable stomach, irritable bowel, reflux, irritable bladder, menstrual disorders and much more

  • Hormonal disorders; hormonal imbalance

  • Psychosomatic complaints

  • Sleep disorders; exhaustion

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